Rhabot - World of Warcraft Bot

Bot While You Sleep!

Questing, Talent Tree Planner, Fishing, Auto Equip

Rhabot is an open source World of Warcraft Bot, which includes support for Fishing (Fishing Bot aka SushiBot), Questing, Human Like Navigation (AutoNav), Talent Tree Planner, Remote Character Monitoring, an MSN Command Moducle, and much more. (A more detailed list can be found on the Rhabot List of Features page.)

See the How to Get Started With Rhabot tutorial for installation and setup help

When you first install Rhabot, you will be able to experience all of the subscription features, free, for five days. After five days, if you choose not to subscribe, you will be able to continue using Rhabot with the free features.

Rhabot includes features such as Auto Equpping Items, Monitoring for Nearby Players, Appearing Human to Nearby Players, Buying and Selling Items to Vendors, Auto Declining Group and Guild Invites, Herbing and Mining, and many more.

Note: Using any bot violates the World of Warcraft Terms of Service. Using any bot in World of Warcraft can result in an account ban. Rhabot, and the Rhabot development team are not responsible for World of Warcraft account bans/suspsensions. We do everything we can to make Rhabot as safe and undetectable from Warden as possible, and will continue to do so.